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Do you want to offer your customers a real visual experience beyond the taste pleasures that you will provide them in your establishments?

Our experts in the layout of restaurants, brasseries, inns, hotel complexes or even fast-food restaurants will bring you all their know-how. Their innovative and tailor-made solutions will undeniably give character to your company.

From the collection of needs, to the plans established by our integrated design office, to manufacturing and to deployment, we offer a turnkey solution, adapted to your needs.

Whether you head a restaurant chain or a single establishment, we will offer you many solutions for all your areas (reception, service, kitchen, etc.) with the work of different materials (wood, food grade stainless steel, aluminum, etc.). Countertops, bar tables, benches, columns … your only limit is your imagination.

With more than 30 years of experience, we are your trusted partner.

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Above all, we want to create an atmosphere that matches the image of your customers. The light, the broadcast of the music, the decoration, everything is thought to reinforce the sensory experience of your customers. We must not forget the indispensable participation of our furniture designers!

The entrance, the waiting area, the access to the kitchen, the hatch, the bar, the box space, each space of your restaurant must be carefully arranged to satisfy your customers and to facilitate the circulation of your staff. In short, the layout of your restaurant reflects your state of mind and is a major factor of your customer base growth.

The layout of a restaurant or a brewery must be judicious. It must allow clients to keep their intimacy and feel at ease while having an optimal reception capacity. Find the right balance between the comfort of your customers, the smooth traffic for your servers and the number of tables that make your financial profitability, this is our challenge!

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Layout of gastronomic establishments

Do you own a restaurant and want to retain your customers? The quality of your kitchen is important, but may not be enough for your customers. It is important that you offer them a friendly, warm atmosphere and especially in which they will benefit from a certain intimacy. Whether for a business meal, a lunch with friends or a dinner between lovers, your guests must feel good and especially not be disturbed when they pass in your establishment.

If you want to provide them with a personal space to make them feel as comfortable as possible, it is important that you realize an excellent layout of your restaurant. At Shop Concept & Services, we offer you the best layout service of gastronomic establishments.

Is it necessary to make a layout of its restaurant?

Is it not said that the first impression must be the best? This is certainly the case with your restaurant. If a customer needs to return to your facility, it does not depend solely on the flavor of your meals. When he enters your restaurant, it is essential that the customer is amazed. Let us agree, we are not talking about filling your room with ornaments or bulky eye-catching objects. We are talking about the layout of your restaurant. The way in which the furniture, the brightness of the room, the ambience that prevails and especially the intimacy it provides.

During a business meal for example, your customers must be in absolute comfort. They should not be disturbed by a server delivering an order on the next table. As part of a lunch, they should not feel bothered. You should not lose sight that you are running a business and you have to make it profitable. So you have to combine the comfort and privacy of your clientele with the search for your profit. With a good layout, you will be good on all these points and you can be sure to keep your customers as long as these items will be combined with the quality of your kitchen. To get there, you need to use a professional.

Trust a specialist

For the layout of gastronomic establishments, it is better that you use the services of a qualified organization. This type of service requires a real know-how as well as a real expertise. If you decide to do it on your own, you may not take into account all the elements that come into consideration when arranging a restaurant. Of course, you will think about saving money, but be sure that it will impact your business. The layout specialist will know exactly what is right for your establishment. Therefore, it will allow you to achieve the goal you have set yourself: to have more customers and especially keep them.

In addition, the layout company does not only give you advice on the arrangement of furniture and the organization of your room. Its services go far beyond that. According to your gastronomic register, it will be able to define the type of furniture you need to make your establishment unique, attractive and original. Whatever décor you like to present to your customers, the professional will help you get the result you want, not only in the reception room. The services of a specialist in the development of restaurants extend to your kitchen.

If you want to be efficient and satisfy the customer to the maximum, it is important that the kitchen is well equipped, easily accessible and especially allows the fluidity of the movements. A good arrangement will ensure maximum absence of shocks between the servers and thus allow a quicker processing of the customer’s order.

Trust us

For the past 30 years, we have been practicing restaurant layouts for our customers. At Shop Concept & Services, your satisfaction is our mainspring. Whether you own a single establishment or a chain of restaurants, we offer solutions tailored to all parties. Regardless of the area you want to optimize, we can do this by taking into account your requirements and your means.

Do you own a fast food, restaurant, brewery or resort? You can count on our team of professionals in the restaurant layout to offer you a tailor-made and resolutely creative service. We will study your establishment, listen to you, plan, build the structures and components you need, deliver and make a perfect fit for you. In addition, we have selected just for you talented and efficient furniture designers. All you have to do is express your desires and they will take care of materializing them.

With Shop Concept & Services, you can be sure to create an atmosphere that matches your personality as well as your customers’. Each parcel of your establishment will be arranged in the most ideal way to allow your clientele and your staff to move freely. All of this of course, in the respect of your desires. At Shop Concepts & Services your opinion counts more than anything.