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Jeweler, watchmaker and other creator of sumptuousness, you know that you have to create a favorable atmosphere to put your wonders in value? And pass on your fingerprint to your customers as soon as they enter your shops?

Whether you are independent or franchised, luxury house or costume jewelry, for over 30 years, Shop Concept and Services supports you in your problems in France and around the world. We can take care of your entire project, from design to installation and even beyond !

If you manage outlets internationally, we can proceed to the logistics of your showcases, furniture … You are thus released from your shipments by picking from our services, with treatment on demand.

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The layout of jewelry is an exciting creative adventure. Understanding the motivations of customers, arousing emotions and revealing feelings are our strengths to influence your customers’ behaviors and trigger the purchase. A good layout is essential to highlight your jewelry, watches and accessories safely.

Secure showcases, reception desk, counters, discreet cash space, special stocking cabinets, we provide you with a consistent and tailor-made store layout concept to meet your expectations. Thanks to an interior decoration carefully selected and corresponding to the standing of your establishment, your brand universe is thus revealed. Everything is in place to boost your sales!

Our know-how in the design of jewelry furniture makes sens here. We perfectly master the techniques of fine and delicate presentation of your jewelry while integrating security: lock systems, burglar-proof showcase. In particular, we create bespoke showcases combining aesthetics and quality and safety for a turnkey shop layout!

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