Whether you run a telephony shop or a multimedia shop, the problem is the same: to offer your customers a specific and adapted purchasing experience.

With 30 years of experience, Shop Concept & Services teams bring you all their expertise and know-how to design the layout of all your points of sale. The goal is twofold: showcase your products and guarantee their safety.

From design to manufacturing to installation, it is a rigorously managed turnkey project that is proposed to you.

Plus: do you manage shops in France and / or abroad? We deploy your solution on all your points of sale, manage logistics and shipping.

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The multimedia store layout is particularly attractive to us because it has to showcase your modern and innovative products. These shops have many products, often small sizes which test our creativity. We ensure a permanent watch on the latest technologies, trends and changes in consumption to better manage your constraints and guarantee a store in your image, a shop where we feel comfortable.

Exhibitors, POS exhibition showcase, gondola displays, merchandising accessories, we optimize all spaces and attach particular importance to small details to enrich the consumer experience and encourage your customers to purchase. Traffic, product presentation, work comfort, the layout of your shop is truly a key factor for the development of your business.

The furniture design for a multimedia store or mobile accessories shop is exciting. It must integrate a judicious presentation of products knowing that they are renewed very regularly. Our modeling in 3D will present you the chosen materials, the systems of hooks of your POS. No surprises during delivery, we respect our commitments!

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A solid experience in sales space layout

Specialized in the field of store layout, SHOP CONCEPT & SERVICES offers turnkey solutions, for all requests for development of telephony sales areas. Our company will meet all your needs on the national territory, and even internationally.

With 30 years of experience in the installation of exhibition spaces of all kinds, our teams work for all types of telephony stores. Whether it is located in the city or in a shopping center, whether dedicated to a single operator or multi-operator, enjoy the experience of a telephony store designer who will handle your request.

In summary, SHOP CONCEPT & SERVICES studies and offers unique layout solutions for both the franchisee and the franchiser. In addition, each project is individually studied in order to provide an appropriate response to our clients.

Multiple and varied services in the layout of telephony stores

The layout of a telephony store is relatively challenging because it consists of the development of products that are both modern and state-of-the-art. In addition, the rapid obsolescence of the product requires a very high frequency renewal of mobile phones. All of these characteristics combined with strong demand mean that the sector is subject to a saturated and hyper competitive market.

That’s why standing out from the competition is strictly necessary to grow your business. It is therefore important to think about a suitable layout for your store. This will, among other things, focus on the furniture and the lighting of the product. Thus, neglecting the presentation of a physical store would lead to a potential loss of buyers.

Finally, interior design has become a decisive criterion for differentiating itself from competitors. It is for this reason that SHOP CONCEPT & SERVICES offers services covering a global service:

  • The window: indeed, the window is the first element of visual communication to approach a customer. This must meet the criteria required to make potential buyers want to enter the store.
  • The interior space: then follows the creation or complete overhaul of the exhibition space. The interior design process will aim to optimize the profitability of the product by taking care of its presentation.
  • The deployment of the solution: we also provide all the logistics related to the deployment and installation of the furniture to the SAV.

Take advantage of the unique know-how of a telephony store designer

For each request, our integrated design office and our account managers will put their know-how into practice in order to make the most of the advantages of your store location.

As a result, a complete study will be carried out upstream in order to optimize the shelving as well as the highlighting of the products.

In addition, we also respect a quality charter to configure a neat design. Indeed, our raw material supplies are finely selected in order to suggest the best materials suitable for your layout.

Our priority is above all to listen to the customer, with the aim of bringing him full satisfaction. Aware of the complexity of projects, SHOP CONCEPT & SERVICES offers you a single contact for the entire project to facilitate better communication. Each study will be treated and followed end-to-end by a single expert to prevent clients from seeing their application pass from hand to hand. In addition, a study will be conducted prior to the physical deployment. This will lead to a 3D modeling that will give you a first overview of the layout of your store as well as selected materials and furniture. As a result, you will not have any surprises on arrival.

A goal of developing turnover

The creativity added to the experience of the telephony store designer will allow you to offer the most suitable solution, all in compliance with the specifications and the QCT (quality – cost – time).

Through our expertise, our commitment is to achieve an optimal layout in every way. Once the solution is deployed, your store will appeal to customers on your sidewalk or sidewalk across the street. The goal is to encourage the potential customer to take the step to become a customer. We will make every effort to offer a unique shopping experience in a suitable atmosphere.

In short, trusting our team for the layout of your telephony store will help to retain your current customers, generate potential customers, improve your turnover and, ultimately, optimize the profitability of your products.

An adapted support service

With several collaborations with the major players of French telephony, SHOP CONCEPT & SERVICES is committed to providing you with a turnkey solution.

We provide you with complete support, from the study of the project, to the follow-up after deployment and the implementation. Up to the last detail, our teams will be there to assist you, control the quality and manage a complete logistics (from the storage of your stock of furniture to the installation, for example).

Finally, the telephony sector undergoes regular changes that require our responsiveness. That’s why we keep a watch on all digital news as well as customer consumption trends.

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