Specialists in storage arrangements

Established for many years in France and China, SHOP CONCEPT & SERVICES is a major player in the equipment and layout of stores.

We offer our design services to find the most suitable solution for your store typology.

A “turnkey” boutique arrangement


We also provide all services from the design to the installation of your sales area. And for a complete and coherent store layout, we develop ourselves different ranges of furniture, displays and point-of-sale (POS) advertising.

We manage the layout of shops in all areas of activity: Food, Textile, Sport, DIY & Decoration, Service Station, Multimedia, parapharmacy…

We operate around the globe: in Europe, Africa, the United States and Asia via our Shanghai office.

Store agencies since 25 years


We have a very good knowledge of the market :
• Mastery of design
• Manufacture and mastery of suppliers
• Availability of equipment
• Control of the installations

This allows us to propose a coherent project as a whole and in the details. Keep your mind free and be serene, we are professional and conscientious trade arranger.

Our customers trust us, why not you?



Our business manager is at your service daily. We work in accordance with your concept, your needs, your constraints and your budget. We have the ability to accompany you around the world.


We know how to analyze your business so that the layout of your store reflects your marketing world. This is the first step for the development of your business.


We always keep in mind the Cost/Time/Quality triangle. Internally or for our customers, we are constantly striving to optimize costs and make it a point of honor to be fair and transparent in our planning recommendations.


A competent unique contact person

We take care of everything with a single point of contact in order to facilitate our exchanges: from the design of the plans to the custom-made installation, to the manufacture of the furniture and the coordination of the works.

Quality requirements

Our designers and installers have requirements of quality, neat finishes and site cleanliness. We work with carefully selected French suppliers.

Controlled budget

Together we think about your layout project. Then we present detailed quotes at the beginning of your project and avoid any unpleasant surprises at the end of the work..

Have peace of mind, we work with transparency!


As a major player in store layout, we are developing new store layout concepts around the world.