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Do you run fashion, textile or ready-to-wear shops? Are you sensitive to the experience your customers have and know that it’s important to have your own style and brand universe?

Trust our teams, specialized for more than 30 years on sales areas of ready-to-wear boutiques in France and around the world. They will bring you advice and creativity, with an offer of layout and made-to-measure furniture.

We accompany you from end to end of your project, manage design, logistics and setting up, in all your shops locally, as well as throughout the world.

Shop Concept & Services is today one of the leaders in its field of activity.

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Each textile shop layout is an exciting challenge for us. Know how to highlight brands as well as products, be able to relocate the shop easily and frequently, promote a serene atmosphere, facilitate and improve Consumer experience, are all challenges we love to take up.

The sign, the showcase, the fitting rooms, the shelving, the location of the boxes, the signage, the aisles width, our knowledge of your trade allows us to do everything possible to improve the merchandising, optimize the route customer and of course, increase your sales.

The creation of the furniture is a capital step in the development of a shop. Our team of furniture designers knows how to showcase your products, at eye level, neither too low nor too high to impact consumers quickly, and utilizing every corner by creating storage space.

Our design office offers you the opportunity to visualize your clothing store layout project: we model all of our projects in 3D with the simulation of colors and materials.

Entrust us with the layout of your fashion boutique and your preferred contact will be the link between you and our designers to meet your needs as completely as possible throughout the project. We know perfectly our job but we always need you to know your needs, your constraints and to know more about your activity and your products.

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Our layout of ready-to-wear shop

How to succeed the layout of your fashion boutique?

In constant change, fashion is a field with future and that continues to move forward. Your ready-to-wear store must therefore adapt to the trend and offer the customer a pleasant experience, while marking his spirit. Organizing the interior of your store is therefore an important detail in the life and success of your business. Shop Concept & Services deals with the layout of fashion boutiques and always applies to bring out the best of the products you offer.

Create a unique customer experience

The layout of ready-to-wear boutiques requires a particular approach, which will highlight the products that are offered. First of all, it is to model a reassuring universe for the customer, which will make him want to spend time in your store. The space in which the buyer evolves, must offer him enough space and freedom. The visitor must enter a unique and intriguing universe and feel at ease. All this requires special know-how and a professional approach. It is necessary to take into account several factors such as: the width of the aisles, the location of fitting rooms and checkouts, the showcase, the style of the furniture … You have to know how to play with materials and colors to create an original atmosphere. The layout of a store requires a complete job, from floor to ceiling, to offer the customer an unforgettable memory and make him want to come back. As a layout company, Shop Concept & Services has an extensive experience in the development of sales areas and will be able to implement all its professionalism to create a world apart within your store.

Highlight the products you sell

Each fashion item has its own identity and unique style. It must therefore be put forward and presented in its best light. The layout of shops plays an essential role in highlighting your articles. These must be accessible and attract the eye of each visitor. The customer must notice the product, identify himself with it and want to own it. The way your shelves are arranged has a direct impact on the development of your articles. The play of light, essential in the arrangement of fashion stores will complement the organization of space to perfect the final result. This is to create a real staging around the products on sale, to better put them forward. For an optimal valuation of your fashion items, it is essential to use a fitting company that will determine the identity of your products, to better present them to the customer.

Impose the identity of your brand

The fashion items you sell are witnesses to your personality and style. Your store must also have a strong identity to reflect the image of your brand. The organization of your sales area will then consolidate the footprint of the proposed products on the mind of the customer. Here again, the choice of materials and colors is essential to create an atmosphere in tune with the items on sale. There are a multitude of styles and different ways to organize a ready-to-wear store. You can impose your aesthetic personality in many ways. It is thus possible to imagine a sober and refined approach to bring out the articles. But it is also conceivable to create an original and striking decoration, which will attract the visitor to your shop and offer him a memorable experience. On the other hand, it is important not to have a too imposing decoration, which risks to eclipse the goods and to drown the products which you propose. Shop Concept & Services is a professional and expert company, who knows the codes of organization and decoration of the sales areas. We will help you in your project from A to Z. Dare to highlight the unique identity of your brand through the layout and decoration of your store.

Do not be afraid to innovate

Today, fashion stores are constantly finding new ideas in interior design. The sales areas become real stage sets and compete adversity to better stand out. The layout of your shop is therefore an essential step on the road to your commercial success. The customer is used to being stimulated and dazzled at each of his shopping sessions. It’s up to you to create your own universe and to organize your shop so as to attract the eye of each of your visitors. To better impose your style, use a fitting company that knows the trends in the organization of sales spaces. Shop Concept & Services will adapt the layout of your store to the image of your brand, while relying on the latest design trends. You will meet the expectations and tastes of customers, while surprising them with your originality. A company that dares, while listening to its customers, is the guarantee of a dazzling result.