Jeweler, watchmaker and other creator of sumptuousness, you know that you have to create a favorable atmosphere to put your wonders in value? And pass on your fingerprint to your customers as soon as they enter your shops?

Whether you are independent or franchised, luxury house or costume jewelry, for over 30 years, Shop Concept and Services supports you in your problems in France and around the world. We can take care of your entire project, from design to installation and even beyond !

If you manage outlets internationally, we can proceed to the logistics of your showcases, furniture … You are thus released from your shipments by picking from our services, with treatment on demand.

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The layout of jewelry is an exciting creative adventure. Understanding the motivations of customers, arousing emotions and revealing feelings are our strengths to influence your customers’ behaviors and trigger the purchase. A good layout is essential to highlight your jewelry, watches and accessories safely.

Secure showcases, reception desk, counters, discreet cash space, special stocking cabinets, we provide you with a consistent and tailor-made store layout concept to meet your expectations. Thanks to an interior decoration carefully selected and corresponding to the standing of your establishment, your brand universe is thus revealed. Everything is in place to boost your sales!

Our know-how in the design of jewelry furniture makes sens here. We perfectly master the techniques of fine and delicate presentation of your jewelry while integrating security: lock systems, burglar-proof showcase. In particular, we create bespoke showcases combining aesthetics and quality and safety for a turnkey shop layout!

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The universe of jewelry in images

Jewelry and jewellery layout: a few principles to be respected

Jewelry and jewellery are often mistaken areas. But they are two very distinct trades. Jeweller and jeweler are specialists in the creation and sale of jewelry. However, the jeweler works on precious metal pieces such as gold, silver, bronze, etc., which he adorns with standardized stones. His achievements can be reproduced infinitely. On the other hand, the function of a jeweller consists in highlighting gems (sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc.). To do this, he creates stands based on precious metals. The jewels he offers are unique. Since competition in both sectors is now harsh, jewelry and jewellery owners must adopt the right strategies to survive and make more profits. In order to attract the highest number of customers, the use of a company specializing in shop layout is an increasingly common practice.

Why is it so important to properly arrange a jewellery or jewelry store?

The layout of a store is a factor that strongly influences the growth of sales. The layout of jewellery and jewelry includes the presentation of products to be marketed: rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. The head of the institution must choose suitable accessories for the development of its articles.

In order to develop a public space, creativity alone is not enough. It is important to know the business area of the establishment, the motivations of the customers and the different elements that can induce them to buy. In the jewelry and jewellery sector, layout must be done in order to achieve two objectives: product development and safety.

The work of jewelry arrangement touches both the exterior and the interior. In fact, before passing the door of the shop, generally the visitor is attracted by the storefront. According to one study, one third of the customers decides to enter a shop because he is attracted by the showcase and the articles presented there. Thus, for a business premises, the aestheticism of the showcase is an indispensable aspect to attract customers. An efficient shop layout has the power to entice a visitor to buy the item he is looking for or a product that seduced him in your jewelry. You can request the help of a reliable layout company to identify the most beautiful accessories to decorate your store.

In order to be able to capture attention more easily, your windows require good lighting. The same goes for the rest of the shop. A jeweler with quality lighting can achieve up to 20% more sales compared to a competitor who ignores the importance of lighting in his shop. We talk about quality lighting when the light is sufficient, pleasant, not dazzling, nor aggressive. Furthermore, in order to succeed in a jewellery arrangement, it is necessary to harmonize the decoration of the showcase and that of the whole commercial premises. In addition to proper lighting, it is also important to choose the materials, furniture and other items in the store.

Shop Concept & Services, your layout company

Soliciting the services of an expert in shop layout allows you to develop and decorate your jewelry or jewellery to your image. A personalized and attractive setting will help to attract a large number of potential customers to your establishment.

Thanks to our experience for over 30 years, we can quickly assess your jewellery layout needs. We have already made the happiness of many customers in the sector of luxury jewellery. We have staff who can intervene in all stages of your project, from study, design to finalization of facilities.

In order to make your sales take off, we bring the best solutions for the layout of the windows, counters, box for the cashier, reception bank and all the decorative elements that can attract the attention of your customers. The creation and installation works are tailor-made to ensure your complete satisfaction. Each element of the decoration must correspond to the standing of your establishment.

Custom manufacture of jewelry or jewellery furniture is part of our areas of expertise. To meet the specific needs of these types of boutiques, our design company handles the creation of highly secure and aesthetic showcases. You will benefit from the advantages of new technologies in locksmith systems and the advantages of burglar proof windows.

To achieve a successful jewellery and jewelry arrangement, we offer different types of services, including: the study of your renovation project, the manufacture of custom furniture, quality control of achievements, delivery, installation and after-sales service.