As you know, a beauty corner, a perfumery or a cosmetics sign must have a careful presentation of their products and offer a real shopping experience to its customers. 

Your problem is specific: you have to manage different product formats, sometimes very small, high value items to be tested … Our experts in store layout and furniture manufacturing will guide you to achieve unique universes.

Our turnkey offer ensures a project delivered on time, with rigorous quality control and comprehensive management of plans at the facility.

Do you manage shops in France and / or abroad? We deploy your solution on all your points of sale, manage logistics and shipping.

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We particularly like to make our imagination work for each perfumery layout project because it requires a particular arrangement to highlight often very colorful products. Whether you are looking for an arrangement for luxury, high-end or more traditional products, Shop Concept & Services will bring you a refined line in perfect harmony with the spirit of your point of sale.

Make-up or nail space, mirror furniture, display shelve, storage furniture, sales counters, every detail must resemble your brand and match your mood. The cosmetics shop layout must be intelligently designed, with your collaboration, to facilitate and increase the sales of your sales teams.

Our furniture designers will present the 3D plans. You will be able to have a precise glimpse of the materials, the colors and the forms of what constitutes the heart of the layout of your shop. This furniture must reflect the identity of your brand, be in perfect harmony with your values and plan to integrate easily your products but also your POS (Advertising at point of sale). You are in good hands, our furniture manufacturers are experienced specialists.

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The universe of the make up in images

The layout of perfumeries and cosmetics shops thanks to Shop Concept & Services

Perfumeries and cosmetics shops are places visited by many people, especially women. If you own a sign that operates in these areas, you need to have neat and aesthetic arrangements for your products, in order to attract the attention of customers and encourage them to visit, failing to buy or to offer themselves a make-up session. Such provisions imply the use of a perfumeries designer. In fact, Shop Concept & Services is specialized in the arrangement of perfumeries and cosmetics shops. We offer neat services in this sense.

Arrangement ideas based on available products

The fields of perfumery and cosmetics have the particularity of offering various products, according to the expectations of the customers. For this purpose, a certain organization is necessary, in order to put the articles sold in view, according to their formats, their prices and their values. That’s why we bring you our expertise, since we have been a major player in the design of perfumeries and cosmetics stores for many years now. With our experience in this area, we respond effectively to all your issues regarding the management of product formats and provisions most likely to value them.

Shop Concept & Services offers you as part of your perfumery layout project a turnkey offer, which takes into account your requirements and to which we bring our expertise. Complete management of the installation plans, rigorous quality control, timely delivery, we make every effort to provide you with a cosmetics and perfume shop layout that meets your expectations.

For this purpose, we use high-quality materials that match the scope of your perfumery design project. Whether it is an arrangement for luxury products, high or mid-range, we are willing to ensure the best possible layout. We also operate for the implementation of layout solutions for the simplest products, traditionally requested. For all your projects, Shop Concept & Services will offer you a sleek design, distinguished by refined and aesthetic lines. Better, whether your perfume shops and cosmetics are in France or abroad, we cover all of your points of sale, precisely because we have the necessary logistics to do so. This is proof that we do not skimp on the means and make ours your satisfaction.

Customized layouts

Tailor-made is a practice in vogue today in the world of the layout of commercial spaces. And the perfume and cosmetics shops are no exception. Again, Shop Concept & Services is at your disposal, for the realization of your tailor-made arrangement.

You may have been seduced by a layout configuration that you want to reproduce for your shop in France or abroad? Just submit it to us and we will do it for you. It’s that simple. Because we have expertise in the field and have an idea of ​​the many configurations that can exist as part of the arrangement of perfume shops and cosmetics shops, we have no difficulty in meeting your expectations, as rare as they are.

Arrangements made with aesthetic and comfortable furniture

The interior comfort of your perfumery or cosmetics shop is also a factor that determines your visibility. Likewise, it influences the performance of your employees. It is important to think of it intelligently, incorporating the best ideas of decoration and possible layout. For this reason, as a perfume shop designer, we are still close to you thanks to our teams of professional design experts.

We design with intelligence and creativity all your spaces and furniture of arrangement. From the make-up area to the nail area, we bring you our expertise in perfumery shops making with imagination and creativity. This seriousness and professionalism are also appropriate when it comes to offering you ideas for mirror furniture, sales counters or layout furniture. Our goal is for your perfumery and cosmetics sales area to reflect your state of mind, the prestige and the image of your brand.

That’s why we put at your disposal our furniture designers who, for many years, have helped to refine our reputation as a renowned perfumery designer in France and abroad. They propose to you for the layout of your cosmetic shop 3D plans in order to give you a precise idea of ​​the final result of your project. You will be able to have a very precise outline of the materials to be used, as well as the colors and shapes envisaged to arrange your shop and to attract the maximum of customers. To this end, we work to ensure that your layout reflects your values ​​and ideals, integrates and enhances your products, and is also a means of advertising at the point of sale. With us, be assured of the quality of the furnishing services that will be proposed to you.

Shop Concept & Services, a trusted designer

If we have positioned ourselves for decades as a key player in the organization of perfumeries and cosmetics shops, it is thanks to the working methods that we use, to be closer to our customers and to reinforce the confidence that they have in us. As a perfumeries designer, we are at your disposal from the beginning of the layout project to its implementation and its delivery. We even offer you a follow-up after installation, once the project is completed, if you have other concerns.

Once you have used our services and expressed your needs, we take them into account and ask you questions of understanding, during an interview that we organize according to your availability. The goal of this approach is to be well imbued with your expectations and to offer you the ideal solution. At the end of the interview, our design office is in charge of designing your cosmetic shop or perfumery room layout project in its entirety, and to put in place a specification that is submitted to you.

If you give your approval for the implementation of the final project, we proceed to the manufacture of different layout solutions, according to the project requirements. At this stage, we also operate a control to ensure the quality of materials used. Then it is the delivery and installation steps, during which you can be present and see us at work. In the execution of your project, we want to establish with you a relationship of trust. Therefore, even after installation, we are at your disposal, to provide solutions to any concerns or make changes if you wish.

As you can see, Shop Concept & Services supports you by taking charge of the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of your cosmetics or perfumery shop layout. Better, we ensure the quality control of the materials used and remain at your disposal, even after delivery. For Shop Concept & Services, your satisfaction is our motivation.