Layout of hotels and apartment complexes

You want to give your business a real identity and welcome your customers in your own universe? 

Comfort, well-being, audacity, exoticism … Your customers are expecting to enter a clearly marked place and be rocked in unique atmospheres. We will design together your project, carried by our common imaginations. We will then move to the manufacturing of all the furniture and decorations in our integrated workshops. Thus, your hotels, bars or restaurants will have an unparalleled flavor.

Innovation, flexibility, creativity … We will put all our know-how at the service of your project. This commitment is certainly what makes Shop Concept & Services one of the leaders in its field of activity for more than 30 years.

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The layout of hotels and residential hotels is for us a real pleasure of daring and creativity because we know that we participate in the loyalty of your customers and the occupancy rate of your establishment. Indeed, the layout of your hotel’s reception hall determines the first impression of your visitors and will influence your visitors’ mindset when they enter their rooms.

Our know-how and our knowledge of your business or tourist clientele allow us to answer as well for arrangements of family or modest hotels as for luxury hotels. The choice and design of your furniture, decoration, lighting and accessories that we offer create a special atmosphere that will differentiate your hotel from other residences.

Creation of reception furniture, reception area and catering space, our furniture designers are able to answer to all your arrangement and furniture requests. Our technical and marketing skills allow us to link quality and design with, a practical spirit.

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The universe of hotels in images


Hotel establishments must provide infrastructures and services designed to ensure the comfort and well-being of their customers. To differentiate itself from its competitors, a hotel must have its own identity. The success of the institution is often based on its ability to attract and retain its clientele.

A successful layout, a secret to boost the occupancy rate

In addition to comfort, visual pleasure is one of the factors observed by guests of a hotel or restaurant. In this sense, the layout of the spaces and the decoration find a place at the center of concerns for the professionals of the domain. The details help to tip the choice of customers in your favor.

When the decoration of a hotel or restaurant is neglected, it creates weariness at the customer. However, when infrastructure in such establishments seems to favor pleasure and relaxation, the occupancy rate tends to increase. Before choosing a hotel, the customer can now make a comparison by referring to several criteria. In addition to the quality of service and the number of services offered as well as the location, the reputation of the hotel is taken into account.

Customers are now rushing to social networks to share what they perceive in a hotel. If thanks to the proper design and decoration, you manage to create an extraordinary atmosphere, your notoriety will develop very quickly. In addition, by improving the environment that you offer to your customers, you will be able to optimize the rates of rooms and services.

Why seek the help of an expert for the layout of hotels and residential complexes?

Shop Concept & Services, a layout company, is now among the leaders in its field. Our brand has been around for over thirty years. You can ask for our expertise for all your plans of residential complexes, restaurants or hotels layout. Qualified professionals accompany you from feasibility studies to completion. Furniture and decorations are tailor-made, according to your expectations, in the Shop Concept & Services workshops. Thanks to our know-how, we respond effectively to the requirements of all our customers, including hotel owners, restaurants, cafés, bars, etc.

Experienced in the layout of residential complexes and hotels, Shop Concept & Services is the partner you need to increase the occupancy rate of your establishment. As a layout company, we analyze your needs according to the overview in order to better define the actions to be undertaken. Our specialists quickly identify the areas for improvement. For any establishment opened for the public, the lobby is a strategic location. Depending on what they see, visitors (customers and potential customers) can already have a first impression on your brand. We ensure high quality work for the arrangement of hotels of all sizes, from the smallest to the luxurious residential complexes.

Our team has technical skills, but also expertise in the field of marketing. So we are able to help you develop your brand image. Our services include the study of your projects, the manufacture of custom furniture, the quality control of luxury arrangements, the delivery and installation of different types of furniture, fixtures and decoration products, etc. We also offer after-sales follow-up. In addition to hotel and restaurant managers, the owners of fashion boutiques and jewelry retailers can take advantage of our expertise. At the end of our interventions, your establishment will stand out from all your competitors.

Layout of hotel establishments: some principles to be known

The brand image of a hotel is reflected in its decoration. Thus, engaging in renovation works means investing to promote the success of the brand. By helping to ensure a pleasant stay for the customer, the environment you propose will encourage him to come back. Satisfied customers will be motivated to advertise your brand to their loved ones.

Do you want to offer higher-end services or need some changes to meet accessibility and security standards? Take the opportunity to identify all the solutions that allow you to have more customers and increase your turnover. The services of our design company at attractive rates will help you to meet the requirements of your clientele.

Thanks to our experience in the field of residential complex arrangement, we can identify priority actions to improve the image of your establishment. The first principle to be respected for the success of the interior design of a hotel or a residential complex is to avoid a uniform decoration or one based on a fashionable style. Our architects advise you to start by defining an original and personalized style that will give you a clean identity. After defining an image that corresponds to you: modern, contemporary, romantic, etc., a study of the possibilities and the budget may be appropriate.

During the development work, no part of the establishment is to be neglected. Our specialists help you make the lobby a welcoming space that quickly gives a good image to your hotel or residential complex. They accompany you in the choice of furniture, coverings (floors, walls and ceilings), lighting, colors and decorative accessories. In the rooms, it is necessary to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. In order to improve the comfort perceived by the customers, it is important to have suitable equipment: Wi-Fi, air conditioning, audiovisual equipment, etc. The use of home automation is also advisable.